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Business Events

Planning & Marketing.

Events for mission-driven companies

Connecting mindsets is key for growth. Together we create customized event touchpoints to support your company being visible and active as thought leader in your industry.


(B2B) Event

Make your service or product more relatable and accessible trough your own events. Aquire new leads, nurture existing customers and build a longterm fan community of your business.

We help you meet your business goals and turn your events into strategic pillars of your integrated marketing mix.

Live-Events // Conferences // Trade Fairs & Exhibitions 



Transforming spaces into brand worlds to make products, services and missions tangible. Together we create unique concepts and settings that match your company vision and values. Focus on growing and nurturing successful and strong teams and personalities with tailored event experiences.

Product Launches // PR Events // Company Events 



Meeting people in places that let us recharge and allow us to explore, is the best way to grow and inspire. With my business partner Julia Zinner, we created Work&Hideaway. A community of people who want to experience a different way of workation forming new social business connections.

Work & Hideaways // Workshops // Retreats

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